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We believe that all conveyancing fees should be 100% transparent and accurate. The price you pay will depend on the type of property you are buying or selling. Purchasing a property usually costs a little more than selling. This is due to searches that need to be ordered when buying and that the transaction is a more complex process than that of a sale.

We aim to be as accurate as possible with our quotations; simply complete the form and press ‘Request Quote’ to retrieve a quotation. If you wish to proceed, click the 'Accept Quote' button, fill in the form, then click Instruct.   You can access quotes and instruct firms 24hrs a day 365 days of the year.

Please do call us on 0333 090 0360 and we will be happy to provide a conveyancing quote over the phone if you would prefer to do that.

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Launching in more areas very soon

Add your postcode to find your nearest location.  Then click on 'Get an Estimate'.

Your questions answered

How long will it take?

To receive the figures for your recommended firm will take a few minutes and are available 24hrs a day.


Once instructed, our firms always keep you 100% up to date with case progress as well as notifying you of any delay.

Timescales are largely outside of a conveyancers control. Our conveyancing partner firms are extremely efficient, and proactively progress matters, and chase third parties who cause delays.


Unfortunately, they have no control over how long local authorities take to do their work or the efficiency and professionalism of other solicitors in the chain.  However, all our firms are happy for our customers to get their Searches underway right at the start of the process with Property Searches Direct to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Do you charge VAT?

Yes. VAT is charged at the current rate of 20% and is clearly shown on the figures that you receive. VAT is charged for the work that the conveyancer carries out, the disbursements include the vat and are the amount that the conveyancer will pay a third party on your behalf.

Do I need to visit my Conveyancer?

No. With the adoption of technology and a desire to speed up transactions, the days of needing to visit your conveyancer have long gone. However, there is still significant value of using a firm within your region. They have years of regional experience of selling homes and are be best placed to convey any regional nuances to a buyers conveyancer who may be out of the area. 

Can I use my local Conveyancer for an onward purchase that is out of the area?

Absolutely. It is always advisable to use the same conveyancer for the purchase as your sale. It will be their job to ask questions of the Sellers conveyancer about the property that you wish to buy.  We trust that the Seller's conveyancer will have a good understanding of the property that they are transacting and will be forthcoming with answers to any questions raised by your conveyancer.

Got any other Questions?

Feel free to call us if you have any questions.  We are happy to discuss your plans over the phone if you'd prefer and provide you with an estimate during that call.  Our team are welcoming and here to help.  
Simply call 0333 090 0360 option 1 for a new estimate or option 2 to discuss an existing estimate.


We are currently supporting home movers in the following regions:  Tamworth - Solihull - Sutton Coldfield - Leicester

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