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Working with the best

We don't want to work with everyone. We want to work with firms that deliver a 5-Star service from the first point of contact right through to completion.  The steps on this page represent our terms for engaging with firms delivering conveyancing services.

Understanding how firms treat clients is a big deal for us. If your reception staff are uninviting gate keepers, interrogating everyone that happens to call, leaving them feeling unwelcome and wishing they'd chosen someone else, you're not for us.

We spend a significant amount of money each month on Direct Mail Marketing campaigns targeting the owners of properties that have just gone to market. We target specific postcode areas and channel all of those opportunities to a client engagement page that hosts a conveyancing calculator with figures populated by a single firm, not a panel.  Our teams follow up every client that engages with us to ask for their business and convert the opportunity.

This is why our decision to work with any firm must sit within strict parameters.

Direct Mail Campaign Back Page
Direct Mail Campaign Front Page

The good news is that our application process for representation adds value for firms no matter what the outcome.

See the steps below.

Step 1 - Mystery Shop Me! PLUS

Order the Mystery Shop Me! PLUS report from Conveyancer Insights.  

This report provides you, and us, with invaluable information about how your staff engage with home movers.

The research team at Conveyancer Insights will mystery shop your business as well as three other firms that you nominate as your competitors.

You and your competitors will be scored for call handling, information gathering and the way that your quotes are presented and delivered. This will not only give us both an insight in to how your business engages with new business, but will demonstrate the appetite that your firm has to deliver great customer service.

The report will show how your fees compare with others so that we can have an informed discussion about your position in the market place.
You will also receive a Consumer Perception Score that will help to secure your place to work with us.

Download a sample 

Mystery Shop Me PLUS Report Front Page

Step 2 - Let's discuss the findings and next steps

Following completion of a Mystery Shop ME! PLUS report, we will arrange a time with you to discuss the findings.

It may be immediately apparent that you have not met the required standards, but you can identify areas that would help you improve your own business model.  It may also be evident that you are a firm that we should be supporting further and the discussion will be centred around the next steps of working together.

We will need to discuss how we engage with your business, where converted work goes, what your onboarding process looks like and how we will share MI Data each month.  This is a collaboration and not a dictate. We are not going to be beating you with a big stick each month asking why SLA's have not been met.  We believe that IF we are working with a firm that has proven to deliver a great service, they should be left alone to do just that.  If we start to get any complaints and clients are 'justified' to feel aggrieved, we will have to review our relationship going forward.

Step 3 - The Opportunity

There will be much to cover off here. We will need to discuss the postcode areas that we both believe you can support.  We will analyse the data to identify the average number of opportunities that those areas are likely to deliver and provide you with some expected monthly instruction numbers.

You will need to confirm that you have the capacity and resources to accept the expected volumes before we go any further.

Step 4 - Let's get everything set up

We will have access to the rate table template (available on this page to download) that will enable you to tell us your fees for Sales, Purchases, Remortgages and Transfer of Equity files.  You will also need to provide us with your fees for ALL disbursements and itemised additional legal fees.  The figures that we deliver MUST be fully itemised and transparent to avoid any vast disparity between quote and completion statement.  We impose a fixed referral fee that will be added to your base legal fee. You will need to disclose that figure in your client care letters.

As a Property Searches Direct enterprise, we will require any related Purchase files to order an 'Instruct a Conveyancer Search Pack' from Property Searches Direct. We will need to know the names and contact details of your team members who will require access to the search order platform.

You will need to decide how you wish to receive your clients from us.

Download Rates Template

Option 1:  We simply provide you with a full copy of the quote along with all of the clients' transaction details by email, and you commence your onboarding processes with them, or

Option 2:  We integrate with ProConvey to complete the onboarding to your specifications and only deliver clients that are transaction ready.

Option 2 is our preference as it provides us with greater traction and delivery of clients ready to proceed. Option 1 delivers clients that have shown an intention to instruct you, but not an actual instruction.  We appreciate that this is a key part of the process and one that can have a significant impact upon the perceived success of a region.

Step 5 - Launch

We will agree a launch date with you. Our data and printing enables us to commence direct mailings on any given Tuesday.

We will provide you with an indication of the number of mailings, the engagement and conversion rates each month. We will share the reasons for clients not instructing you so that we can discuss ways to reduce this fall out if at all possible.

We require firms to ask all new business enquiries how they came to your firm. If they have received an Instruct a Conveyancer Mailer and subsequent quote, we would value your honestly to allocate our fixed referral fees to those customers making a direct approach.  We would not wish for either of us to be underselling the other.  This represents a significant investment on our part to champion any given firm.  Reciprocity and honestly will be the key to a successful ongoing relationship.

We require a monthly report that indicates the live files of ours that you are working on, any that have withdrawn and what the reason for doing so may be,  and an itemised list of exchanged files against which we need to raise an invoice.

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